Some Of The Best Alternatives For Milk In Vegan Diet

Vegan Diet
Vegan Diet
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Plant Based Food

The vegan diet is becoming more and more popular among people. Some people are switching from non vegetarian diets due to health concerns while some of them are following a vegan lifestyle to promote animal and environmental welfare. The studies have proved that the vegan diet is complete and contains all the necessary nutrients required to keep people healthy. It is also necessary to understand that there are many plant based food products that can be used as a substitute for most of the animal based items like meat and milk. In this article, we will concentrate on the plant based products that can be used as an alternative for dairy products in a vegan diet. Some of those products are discussed below.

Almond Milk

It is a popular plant based product used by vegans as a substitute for dairy products. However, it is not a perfect substitute for dairy products because the nutrients contained in almond milk are different. It also does not have an equal proportion of protein, compared to normal milk. The main attraction of almond milk is that it contains only a small proportion of fat and it is unsaturated. Moreover, the proportion of the nutrients present in almond milk will differ depending on the quality of almond used. Since it is extracted from almonds, it has a nutty taste and is ideal to use with cereals and also for making coffee.

Cashew Milk

It has only been a few years since cashew milk secured a place in the segment of plant milk products. It tastes similar to almond milk and is used as an alternative to normal milk. The biggest advantage of using cashew milk is that it helps to keep the heart and pancreas healthy. Since it contains only a negligible quantity of carbohydrates, it is ideal for people suffering from type two diabetics. Its consistency and other nutritional contents differ depending on the type of cashew used in making the milk.

Hemp Milk

It is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. It is a close to perfect alternative for dairy products because it has a high concentration of fat and carbohydrates. Some studies have also reported that a glass of hemp milk is enough to provide half the fat requirement of a person per day. Moreover, most of the fat present in the hemp milk is unsaturated, therefore it will not affect heart health. It also contains enough proportion of alpha-linolenic acid and omega fatty acids to improve the heart and brain functions.

Soya Milk

People have been using soya milk or soy milk as an alternative to cow’s milk for a long time. Since it is having almost the same proportion of proteins, fats, and other nutrients, it is the best substitute for milk to vegans. However, the proportion of nutrients present in soya milk is lower than cow’s milk therefore, people will have to increase the quantity of consumption to have similar benefits. It also contains a compound called isoflavones that can reduce the growth rate of cancer cells. Similar to cow’s milk, soya milk is also available in different flavors like vanilla, banana, chocolate, etc.

Coconut Milk

It is a milk product used by vegans more for cooking than consuming in raw form. The flavor and delicious aroma of coconut milk make it different from other plant based and animal based milk products. Compared to other plant based milk products, the saturated fat content in coconut milk is high. For this reason, it is used more by people doing heavy physical labor. In addition to that, the protein content of coconut milk is also higher, making it ideal for bodybuilders.

Hazelnut Milk

This product is very much different from other milk products extracted from nuts like almond and cashew milk. It is because it has more calories and the protein content is very low. It contains a large quantity of fiber making it good for reducing cholesterol. The fiber content in hazelnut milk is also effective in improving digestion. The taste of this product is similar to that of almond milk and can be used for cooking and also to make coffee. The higher consistency of this product makes it more different from other plant based milk products.

Plant based diet is healthy and complete as it contains all the necessary nutrients required for the functioning of the body. The above mentioned are some pure plant based food products that can be used as an alternative to dairy products. These products not only look similar to dairy milk but also have almost all the nutrients. Therefore, if you are a vegan and in need of milk for a recipe, you can use any of the above milk types.