How To Avoid Digestive Issues When Following A Vegan Diet?

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Plant-Based Milk
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Plant-Based Diet

Switching to an entirely plant-based diet offers several health benefits and contributes to your long-term health, but adopting an entirely plant-based diet may cause a few issues to some initially. You may experience issues like gas and bloating, but these aren’t much to worry about because your body will get adjusted to it eventually.

In this article, we share some tips that will help handle the digestive issues that could bother some who are new to a plant-based diet.

Follow A Light To Heavy Eating Pattern 

You might have read health professionals recommending eating a large breakfast and a smaller evening meal. But that method won’t work for everyone. Digestion is an energetically expensive process and starting the day with a heavy breakfast means our bodies will have to spend a lot of energy processing the food, leading to fatigue, sluggishness, bloating, and stomach ache.

If you experience these symptoms, it is time to rethink your eating pattern. Having your morning meal one or two hours after waking up is advisable because you will naturally become hungry. Eat a light breakfast, a slightly heavy lunch and a sizeable dinner. Many have reported that the aforementioned eating pattern has helped them a lot because of the healthy digestion it promises.

Eat More Whole Foods Than Processed Foods 

Whole foods offer better digestion when compared to processed foods. You need not obsess about eating only whole foods but you have to ensure that your diet contains more whole foods than processed foods.

Try replacing processed vegan ice cream with ice cream made of berries and bananas. You can find out healthier swaps for processed vegan foods to improve your digestive health.

Take Digestive Enzymes And Probiotic Supplements 

When you first start eating a plant-based diet, your body takes some time to get rid of all the old wastes from animal products you ate earlier. This cleaning up process could initially cause some sluggishness and bloating.

Taking a daily probiotic supplement that has Bifidus and Acidophilus strains of bacteria can help combat digestive issues like gas and bloating. When buying probiotics, make sure that they are vegan because some probiotics use dairy during the culturing process.

Taking digestive enzymes increases the ease of digestion and avoids many digestive issues.

The tips discussed in the article will make the transition to a plant-based diet far smoother. Regardless of the diet type, our body takes some time to adjust to it completely.