Can The Hormones In Milk Create Fertility Problems For You?

Vegan Diet
Vegan Diet
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Plant-Based Diet

A hot button issue among the medical fraternity would have to be that of hormones in foods. Ingesting hormones can be harmful to our well-being and health. The milk we drink has a striking correlation with consumed hormones. It is also found that hormones can affect fertility in a negative manner…

Danger In Plain Sight

Due to the social and economic factors, the dairy industry has been at the pinnacle of its fast pace production of cow’s milk. To meet the growing demand, it is required that dairy cows be impregnated while they are still lactating, so as to reduce the time up to the next lactation cycle. The pregnant animal produces hormones, which are transferred from the animal to the consumer of the milk and dairy products.

The presence of estrogen, progesterone and estrogen sulphate in milk products is a reason for worry among researchers. The hormone content in butter, cheese and whole-fat butter is high, as the above mentioned hormones are fat soluble and packed with high cholesterol.

In a recent study involving consumers ingesting dairy products, there is a considerable drop in the testosterone levels, as the sex hormones present in the products throw the body’s own sex hormones off balance. A drop in testosterone levels means that male fertility is impacted.

In countries such as Spain, the US and Iran, participant sperms were found to be impacted as a result of the consumption of dairy.

Switching Over To Plant-Based Sources

The dangers of dairy products are plain and clearly visible. The only way around the dangers is to stave off of dairy products completely. But what to substitute in its place? Plant-based food sources of course!

All dairy products, that include the likes of cheese, milk yogurt, milk and ice cream, should have no place in your fridge. In its place, healthier and safer plant-based meals can be substituted. In the place of dairy milk; soy milk, almond milk among other plant and vegan milk sources can be used.

Rather than having ice cream, a mixture of cold cut bananas, and other fruits can be churned smooth. In place of cream and butter, you can make use of mashed potatoes, soaked cashew and pureed beans. Rather than using sour cream and cheese, you can make use of hummus and avocado, which are healthy and rich in essential fatty acids.

Drop the dairy and move to a plant-based diet.