What Plant Based Food Can I Eat For Protein?

Vegan Diet
Vegan Diet
Vegan Meal
Vegan Meal

We know that plant based foods offer many health benefits and can protect against kidney and heart disorders. Moreover, following a vegan meal plan can also help keep hypertension and diabetes at bay by controlling the levels of blood pressure and glucose. You can have all these health benefits and still get enough proteins from a plant based or vegan recipes if you know what to eat.

Plant Based Foods For Protein

You can find many natural whole food options that are protein-dense. The key to having a balanced plant diet that offers all the necessary proteins is choosing those that have at least 8 gms of protein per serving. Some of the best plant based sources of proteins are discussed below.

Nutrient-Rich Grains

While looking for plant based protein sources, look for nutrient density. Adding legumes to your diet is a great option. Seeds and grains are also good to provide proteins. Amaranth can be a good source of protein as it contains 9 gms of protein per cup. Pumpkin seeds and chickpeas can also be added to your plant based and vegan recipes to ensure proper protein intake.

If you are planning to have a protein-packed breakfast to start the day, you can have a porridge made from amaranth. You can cook amaranth in almond milk and add raspberries to it to have a breakfast that can provide you about 16 gms of protein. This breakfast can keep you full until your next snack.


Nuts are one of the best plant based sources of protein. An ounce of almond contains 6 gms of protein. However, you will need to take into account the fat content of nuts as they are also good sources of fat. Add only the required amount of nuts and never try to make a full meal out of nuts.

If you try to eat enough almonds to offer you the required amount of proteins, you will most likely exceed the amount of fat required by your body. A full cup of almond can provide 20 gms of protein, but it contains 45 gms of fat, which will be about 69% of the total fat allowance. So always mind the fat while having nuts for proteins.

Shared above are two excellent sources of plant based proteins that you can add to your vegan meals. For more such information on plant based foods, you can visit plantx.com.