Fun Facts Regarding Vegan Burgers

Plant-Based Diet
Plant-Based Diet
Vegan Burgers
Vegan Burgers

Whether you are intending to cut down meat intake or go vegan, you might wish to consume plant-based fast food to meet your plan. Vegan burgers are among the best-known fast food items out there. Here, we will look at some factual things regarding these products.

These Left Some New Audiences Confused

When big-name brands introduced their vegan meat products, including the burgers, to new markets, the language they used left some customers bemused. There is a logical reason behind their bewilderment: the product names included the words ‘plant’ and ‘meat’. They wondered how meat could be considered vegan. Now, as an educated vegan, you might be wondering what is so confusing about the language. The factor that made them think that those brands are trying to deceive them is the word ‘plant’. They confused the word with ‘factory’, and consequently, felt that these burgers contain factory-farmed meat.

These Are Not The Same As Vegetable Burgers

Veggie burgers are likely to contain ingredients such as mayonnaise, which is not regarded as a vegan thing. For your information, mayonnaise (mayo) is created with egg. Any educated vegan will know that they are not supposed to consume eggs, among other things. When vegetable burgers contain the egg-based ingredients, vegans should not eat these. On the other hand, vegan burgers should be products with no ingredients that are either derived from animals or produced by exploiting animals.

Many Make A Big Fuss Over The Sodium Level Of These

There is a perception that these plant-based products contain too much sodium. The criticism may be technically sound, but it does not have the right context. There are around 80 milligrams of sodium in a usual beef patty. On the other hand, the burgers have about 370 milligrams of it. Is this a lot of sodium? No. You could consume four patties without going above the healthy intake of sodium, recommended to you each day. So, it is fair to say that those burger critics have made much fuss over something rather contextually unimportant like this.

These Are Possibly More Beneficial For Health Than Minced Beef

We will just run through some of the possible health perks of the burgers as compared to ground beef. Firstly, these have a healthier blend of fats. Coconut oil is the saturated fat source for almost every fake meat burger consumer, and it is healthier than the same fat in beef. Besides, the burger contains a smaller amount of ruminant trans-fatty acids than in a single beef patty.