A true vegan diet follower should not consume any products made from animals or animal ingredients. The people behind this website believe in the fact mentioned above. We do not believe in concepts such as a ‘half vegan’ or occasional vegan, although we would not like to hurt the sentiments of those who do. For us, a vegan is only that person who follows an entirely plant-based diet at all times. This means you are either a vegan or you are not.

So, instead of following it for a while, like in the case of veganuary, we would recommend being a full-time vegan. There are several benefits to being on a full-time vegan diet, and some of our posts touch upon many of these advantages. Is there anything we have missed out on? If yes, feel free to share it with us. We also believe in having two-way conversations, instead of monologues, and this would be possible only through your feedback.

So, feel free to write to us or reply to any of our blog posts through social media. Many of the details you see here were born out of the importance of addressing the knowledge gap among people about diets.